You can't beat this show
Justin Mychals is Appalachian Roots and unbelievable stage presence!
Jeffrey A. Lane brings Mountain Soul at it's finest!


An "Interview" with Justin & Jeff


Divorce, Drinking, and Catholics!


Epic Conversations - The JP Parsons Boxcar Story!

Sporting the most glorious set of white mutton-chops in the Southeastern United States, singer/songwriter/guitarist Justin Mychals has become world-famous literally by entertaining hundreds of thousands of visitors to popular vacation destination Murrell’s Inlet, South Carolina (just south of Myrtle Beach). For the better part of the last decade, Justin has become a house favorite in some of the town’s most popular entertainment destinations including a jaw-dropping 8 years at Drunken Jack’s performing for hundreds of people each day!

Through many years of being a career musician, Mychals has developed quite a stage presence as you could imagine, easily winning over the toughest crowds and leaving every night with repeat fans that come back every year. It wasn’t until last winter in the off-season from working the tourism circuit that he returned to his hometown of Kingsport, Tennessee just before his usual winter tour through the Northern states, where he booked a couple of shows with good friend and gifted singer/songwriter Jeff Lane that he realized what had to happen as soon as possible in the months to come! Both friends, already true fans of each other’s work instantly fused together in a sickening and twisted, yet beautiful bond on stage (that did not involve any inappropriate touching or gestures) creating an amazing experience for both shows which somehow managed to sell out from the beginning!

When asked what happened to create such a vibe at a simple acoustic show, Jeff Lane says “We’ve got nothing to lose up there, it’s that simple. Me and Justin simply love to sit down and pick on each other, and Hell even if we weren’t up there pickin’ music, we’d be by ourselves in our own basements pickin’ music anyway! Deep down we’re both always dreaming of what would be the coolest thing that could happen tonight on stage with a bunch of strangers watching us?…. and I guess that’s what we try to make happen …… as long as we can afford it (laughing).”

This is where we have to insert a nice compliment about Jeff Lane …….. (clearing throat)…. “Jeff Lane is a tall and sexy bald man with a dazzling smile.” Now that we’re even from the mutton-chops compliment, we continue.

The musical magic is a whole different story, and the way these two combine totally unique styles of music into one show is pretty amazing even without the stage rhetoric. Lane himself is quite the guitarist with an uncanny ability to shift genres, and even vocal styles! Justin Mychals on the other hand has a set list of over 300 songs (and the ability to use them), collected from his 20+ years performing professionally. His true love however is why he’s doing this show – songwriting and storytelling ……. and that’s why they have dubbed the show “The Fabulous Flying J’sSong-Tellers“.